Palexpo renovates for you!

In 2018, Palexpo SA launched an architectural competition to implement and execute works on the external Boulevard. In June 2018, BCMA’s project was submitted and the building permit was issued; works will begin in April 2019. This project involves sprucing up the floors, walls, ceilings and facade lighting of the external Boulevard, as well as bringing them up to standard.

The extension of the lighting outwards will help lower the ceiling and create vistas, but also significantly conserve energy thanks to the fitted LEDs. Three new sliding glass doors will be installed between the fully treated emergency exits. The contrast between glass and concrete will endow the facade with a modern edge and make it easier to identify the various access points; the three lobbies will allow greater visitor flows and improve thermal insulation in the internal Boulevard. The same concept is used on the floor with colours and bases to distinguish pedestrian zones from logistics zones, and for more security. State-of-the-art screens and backlit canvases will garnish some walls for signage and advertising.

The works represent an investment of 6 million francs; Palexpo thus intends to upgrade its infrastructure and to create an even more welcoming new space, against a backdrop of consistent sustainable development.