Another Milestone: The 89th edition of the Geneva International Motor Show.

The Geneva International Motor Show is launching a new edition: The 2019 Show will be presented with a new look that includes a new graphic for the publicity campaign and a completely revised web site. The number of inscriptions for the next GIMS is promising so far and the past exhibitors are remaining loyal to the Geneva Show. Early information is now available on the website and on social media links for GIMS ( and #GimsSwiss).

New publicity campaign theme

Nearly six months before the next Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) on March 7-17, 2019, the GIMS is presenting its new visual identity. The motif of the publicity campaign for the next edition will focus on the theme „liquid”. In the graphic the automobile moves completely into the centre of attention. Initially the graphic was developed by an animation. „The automobile is created in this way to represent the fresh dynamism of the Motor Show and that of its exhibitors. Each year more than one hundred innovations in the domains of technology, design, security and comfort are presented at this event,” explained André Hefti, General Manager of the GIMS. The graphic is a luminous and colourful invitation to the next edition of the GIMS. The agency Wirz Brand Relations AG from Zurich was responsible for the conceptualization and realization of this graphic.

Re-launch of the web site

Beginning today, the GIMS is online with a new web site. The conception and content of the web site has been entirely re-thought and its functionality has been optimized. Photos gain in importance. Andre Hefti, General Manager of the GIMS: „The web site allows us to address automobile fans and our visitors in one part and to the exhibitors and media representatives in another in a more targeted and secure manner. “ The re-launch and the ongoing maintenance of the website is the responsibility of the digital communications agency Details SA from Geneva.

The 89th edition of the Geneva International Motor Show 2019

With the exception of Ford and the other absentees from the 2018 edition, all the major automobile manufacturers will be represented at the GIMS in 2019. Volvo will not have its own stand but the Volvo Car Group will be represented at the next GIMS with a much larger stand for the Polestar marque. 26 new exhibitors have inscribed for the 2019 edition, including the Chinese marque Changan. „We are very satisfied that a major Chinese auto manufacturer will be presenting for the first time at GIMS, as the Chinese automobile market and industry has enormous potential for the future” declared André Hefti. The Swiss Federal office of Energy, SFOE, will also be continuing their orientation towards the future. For the fourth time as „Presenting Partner” to the GIMS 2019 it will continue its campaign „co2auplancher”. The SFOE encourages and gives recognition to vehicles who respect the environment by emitting no more than 95 grams of CO2/km and fall into energy efficiency category A or B. Further, once again the chronometer maker TAG Heuer will be present with a fascinating special exhibition in homage to the world of motorsports.

„Shift AUTOMOTIVE - Campus of the Future“

After a successful start to „Shift AUTOMOTIVE” at the international electronics exhibition IFA for the general public in Berlin in early September, the GIMS has been working on a concept that will follow on to this project. During the GIMS 2019, a campus with information platforms will be established in the exhibition halls where visitors can discover and learn how new technologies in the domains of electronics and the automobile industry are changing the world of transportation. „The project „Shift AUTOMOTIVE- Campus of the Future” is ambitious as we are entering into totally new territory and so we are searching for new exhibitors with these interests. For this reason we invite all interested exhibitors in the domains of new technologies related to mobility to make contact with us,” declared André Hefti.

The Geneva International Motor Show

The Geneva International Motor Show is the only international motor show recognised by OICA (International Organisation of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers) that takes place every year in Europe and is one of the Top 5 worldwide.