ISO 20121 Sustainable Events Management

Last December, Palexpo SA, the pioneer in sustainable development, achieved ISO 20121: 2012 certification for its infrastructure. The standard applies to its events activities and is a testament to the business’s commitment to implementing a responsible management system.


ISO 20121 Sustainable Events Management

ISO 20121 is an international responsible management standard designed specifically for events activities and is the sector’s first global standard on sustainable development. The standard establishes a framework for implementing a set of procedures in response to sustainable development issues and incorporating them into event planning, with all stakeholders involved in the process. Certification to the standard is a testament to Palexpo SA’s implementation of sustainable development principles and the efforts the business makes on an ongoing basis to manage the social, economic and environmental impact of its events.

Recycle, save resources, focus on local produce and environmentally friendly transport

Palexpo SA recycles 80% of its waste and 100% of its food waste, which is bio-digested and converted into biogas to fuel rubbish trucks, forming a virtuous circle.

All bathrooms are equipped with sensors and separate units to minimise water consumption. Changing all the lighting in halls 1 and 2 in 2018 has helped save 375,000 kWh, or the equivalent consumption of 100 Swiss households.

The GRTA (Genève Région Terre Avenir) quality label awarded to the Le . Central restaurant is the sign of a serious commitment to local food and has made Palexpo SA an ambassador from the Geneva region.

Palexpo SA promotes environmentally friendly transport to give its events an even “greener” feel, by encouraging visitors to travel by bus, train or self-service bike. Providing two recharging points for electric vehicles in car park P12 from 15 February onwards will also encourage the use of electric cars. Both will be available to SIG-MOVE network subscribers as well as other visitors. Payment can be made by bank card or invoice, depending on users’ preferences and status.

ISO 20121 certification paves the way to some encouraging new developments and confirms Palexpo SA’s commitment to investing in modernising its facilities and increasing its turnover while reducing energy consumption and its environmental footprint.