More professionals and a stable attendance rate at the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva

The 47th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva ended up on a positive note to the overall satisfaction of the exhibitors and the organizers. This edition registered a record number of 825 exhibitors representing 42 countries. 30’850 visitors walked along the paths of the 9’000 square meters. A stable gross figure showing an increased number of professionals searching for the invention to invest in, purchase, manufacture or distribute.

“We were expecting a fall in the general public attendance as the Exhibition specializes in cutting-edge technologies. Although the waky aspects of the independent inventions almost disappeared, the visitors still found value in attending.” Said Gaelle Grosjean, Director of the Exhibition.

The International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva – the largest Inventions Exhibition in the world – is thinking of a new concept for next year, looking at combining major novel and popular attractions with a professional event.

Many exhibitors confirmed they have made good business and that it was a great opportunity to network. This showcase gathered worldwide investors and companies. Building on its reliability and professionalism, once again this year the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva presented many inventions relating to health, medicine, environment and security. It is no surprise that a green invention was therefore awarded the Grand Prix of International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva.

Jean Luc Vincent, President and Founder of the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva was delighted that “The Exhibition grew in scope without giving up on its philosophy and that the general level of inventions presented in Geneva was constantly improving.” Claude Membrez, Director General at Palexpo SA acknowledges the great success of this year edition: “the great reputation of the Inventions Exhibition in Geneva as well as partnerships with local players allowed us to organize other exhibitions in Hong Kong and soon in the Silicon Valley. We are happy about the constant challenge of seeking for the best inventors in the world.”

The next edition of the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva will be held from the 25 to 29th of March 2020.