Palexpo, a Leader in Going Green

Palexpo SA has obtained a second ISO 20121:2012 certification, a standard that recognises the responsible management systems we apply to our event organisation activities. This latest certification is to be added to the standard obtained last December for the infrastructure. As a result of a strong commitment to sustainable development over many years, these certifications highlight Palexpo’s efforts to limit the environmental impact of its activities and to align with the UN 2030 Development Agenda.

Palexpo: Committed to green policies

The Palais des expositions et des congrès in Geneva is currently transitioning to more environmentally-friendly policies. With green infrastructure already a priority at our site, the exhibitions organised by Palexpo are now ISO 20121:2012 certified. Be they art shows (artgenève, art-montecarlo), youth exhibitions (Bébé et Moi and Expo Juniors), auto shows (the GIMS, the Supercross and the Swiss Car Event), technology and trade fairs (the Blockchain Congress, EPHJ, Index, the Royaume du Web and the Royaume des Pros) or any of the other activities Palexpo hosts (the Automnales, the Salon de la Montagne, the Geneva Book Fair, the International Exhibition of Inventions, temporary exhibit Bricklive, European cattle competition Swiss Expo or the next edition of Arvinis), all of our events are recognised for their emphasis on sustainability and conservation.

Palexpo SA meets each of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Obtaining the ISO 20121 standard makes all of our employees aware of the importance of sustainable development and is a step forward in the fight against climate change. Many of Palexpo’s activities and features are designed to meet objectives set by the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We recycle 75% of our waste in line with the objective of responsible consumption and production, while our solar roof production complies with the use of renewable energies. The infrastructural improvement of the building was designed to save energy, in particular through the use of LEDs, and is part of the goal to build resilient infrastructure. Automatic cells are installed in the toilets to save water and meet the goal of access to safe water and sanitation. The company also promotes soft mobility as part of the “sustainable cities and communities” goal, in particular by commissioning two electric vehicle charging stations in the P12 car park.

We take sustainable development very seriously. We manage our teams with UN goals in mind, encouraging social responsibility and reducing inequality, particularly between genders. Palexpo promotes mutual respect in staff regulations and practices equal pay; salary is determined not by the person but by the position, according to the median quartile of the profession on the local market.

Certification is not an end in itself. The environmental efficiency required by the ISO 20121 standard is part of a continuous process that requires constant improvement. As a result, this standard is proof of our commitment to reconciling business with protecting the environment.