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ISO 20121 : 2012

In December 2018, Palexpo obtained the first ISO 20121: 2012 certification for its infrastructure. This event industry standard certifies that our building operates sustainably during events.

Then, in 2019, Palexpo SA obtained the second ISO 20121: 2012 certification, this time for its events. This recognises both our responsible management system and the fact that our event organisation is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

These certifications are the fruit of years of commitment to sustainable development and highlight Palexpo’s efforts to limit the environmental impact of our activities while aligning ourselves with the UN 2030 Development Agenda.



Two energy audits have helped increase Palexpo's energy efficiency, in particular by reviewing our halls’ ventilation and lighting systems. A weather station installed in Hall 6 adjusts the heating and ventilation in real time. The collection of electricity consumption data is digitalised and provides detailed indicators in real time.

Palexpo only uses sustainably-produced Swiss electrical energy, either from renewable resources or hydropower. We have always been pioneers in sustainable development; when our building was first constructed in 1981, the roof was designed to be able to hold solar panels, and the premises were connected to the remote heating network.

With 30,000 m² of photovoltaic panels on its roof, Palexpo, international exhibition and congress centre, is the second largest solar power plant in the country. This installation now covers the equivalent of the yearly energy use of 1,350 households.




All of our WC facilities are equipped with sensors and units to reduce water consumption. What’s more, replacing all the lights in Halls 1 and 2 in 2018 helped save 375,000 kWh (equal to the consumption of 100 Swiss households). Palexpo was also awarded the Nega-Watt prize in 2020 for its efforts to significantly reduce energy consumption.

Electric cars are welcome at Palexpo. The installation of electric vehicle charging stations in the P12 car park since 15 February 2019 has encouraged electromobility. These stations are accessible to both SIG-MOVE network subscribers and other visitors.




When it comes to waste, Palexpo SA applies the "3 Rs": Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. Half of our waste is sorted at source, while the rest is treated by a specialised service provider. Optimising container filling has made it possible to reduce both the number of kilometres travelled by our vehicles as well as our CO² emissions.

Our recyclability rate for our total waste on average reaches more than 75%. The Supercross has used the same earth since 1987, while the International Horse Show reuses its sand every year. All the earth and sand are stored near Palexpo, which eliminates the need to transport them over long truck journeys.


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