Sustainable Development


Last December, Palexpo, the pioneer in sustainable development, achieved ISO 20121: 2012 certification for its infrastructure. The standard applies to its events activities and is a testament to the business’s commitment to implementing a responsible management system.

Even back when it was first built in 1981, the roof of the various halls was designed to be fitted with solar panels, and the entire facility was connected up to the district heating system right from day one.

Following two energy audits conducted in 2005 and 2008, energy efficiency was enhanced further still, in particular by completely revamping the halls' ventilation and lighting systems. A weather station installed on hall 6 is now able to adjust both systems in real time depending on the prevalent weather conditions. Data on electricity consumption is now collected electronically, too, providing detailed, real-time indicators.

Palexpo only uses electricity generated in Switzerland via hydropower, and with some 30,000 m2 of solar panels fitted on its roof, the centre is also the second largest solar power 'plant' in the country. The panels today provide enough electricity to supply 1,350 households annually.

When it comes to waste, Palexpo applies the 3R's principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Half of all waste produced by the facility is sorted at source, while the rest is processed by a specialist service provider. At some exhibitions, almost 80% of all waste is recycled. Ensuring that containers are filled efficiently has enabled us to reduce the distance travelled by our vehicles and thereby to reduce CO2 emissions.

All bathrooms are equipped with sensors and separate units to minimise water consumption. Changing all the lighting in halls 1 and 2 in 2018 has helped save 375,000 kWh, or the equivalent consumption of 100 Swiss households.

The Supercross event has used the same soil for the past 19 years, and the CHI international showjumping event reuses the same sand every year. Both soil and sand are stored on-site at Palexpo thereby eliminating the need for long journeys to truck them in each year.

Palexpo also has facilities for electric vehicles and these can even be recharged in the centre's car parks. Providing two recharging points for electric vehicles in car park P12 from 15 February onwards will also encourage the use of electric cars. Both will be available to SIG-MOVE network subscribers as well as other visitors.

Palexpo also works in partnership with public transport companies to offer combined train/bus/event tickets.

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